Video Works

Upon completing my studies at film college, I found myself grappling with a desire to explore various creative avenues. In my quest for self-expression, I delved into diverse realms, including music production and drawing. The resulting video works, aptly termed studies, predominantly emerged from individual efforts or collaborations within small teams.

While these creations may not boast the expansive budgets or polished quality of productions from larger teams, Despite any perceived limitations, these works represent a testament to my active involvement in the creative sphere and serve as a bedrock for embarking on more ambitious challenges in the future. These laid the foundation for my continued growth and exploration in my creative pursuits.

透ける(Transparent) - Kadan Suzuki (2021)

Independently produced music and video by Kadan Suzuki and Japanese actor Shin Namura

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“Support Program for Art and Culture Project”  -  Koiwa Johnny Angel (2021)

A documentary video produced during the Covid-19 pandemic and exhibited in an art project conducted by the Japanese government.
Kadan Suzuki participated as director, cinematographer, and editor. It was filmed at a live music club that was forced to close temporarily due to the pandemic, and as a new experiment, started online live performances using ZOOM.

“ハピネスを、ふちどって。(Capture the Happiness)”
- University graduation project (2017)

Collaborated with Yuki Sato to produce a short CG animation as part of our university graduation project. My academic journey was marked by a comprehensive exploration of  film history, scenario creation, theory, and visual expression. This graduation endeavor aimed to translate this extensive knowledge into practical application.

Teaming up with Yuki Sato, I played a pivotal role in shaping the project, contributing to scenario development, storyboarding, scheduling, and executing post-production tasks using After Effects—essential components of the filmmaking process. While the resulting video may be viewed as an amateur's exploration, it served as a crucial milestone in our learning journey, allowing us to apply fundamental principles of video production.

This experience facilitated our understanding of key stages in filmmaking, encompassing classic story progression, scenario writing techniques, and adept operation of Adobe tools. Despite its status as a graduation project, the animation became a valuable canvas for us to integrate theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills, fostering growth in our capabilities as emerging filmmakers.