Kadan Suzuki was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and is currently based in Toronto. They have harbored a profound passion for art and music since childhood, immersing themselves in bands and mastering the piano, drums, and guitar from an early age, under the influence of parents who were enthusiasts of drawing and poetry. They pursued studies in video expression and theory at university, and post-graduation, continued to forge their artistic path, evolving as a draughtsman, composer, singer-songwriter, drag performer, and more, in addition to their proficiency in video editing.

Simultaneously delving into music programming as a singer-songwriter, they commenced providing music at C-CLAYS, a music label primarily dedicated to Eastern Project, a commitment upheld from 2017 to the present. They also maintain their musical endeavors as a solo artist. Grounding their productions in electronic sounds, their thematic focus is to convey their personal mental landscapes and the experiences of their upbringing through the medium of sound, unrestricted by genre conventions.

The series of drawings are a reflection of the distinctive patterns that Kadan has instinctively sketched since childhood, utilizing ballpoint pen lines to articulate images that propagate, amplify, and erode. The seamless patterns evoke imagery akin to bacteria thriving on a petri dish, contour maps, and burgeoning anxiety. The act of creating these patterns transcends mere artistic endeavor, becoming an integral part of Kadan's daily life.

Presently, their artistic endeavors are concentrated on collage work incorporating AI-generated images. They are engrossed in crafting an image of a male AI-generated silhouette enveloped in flowers, as if they were consuming him, delving into the theme of vanishing and the erosion of self-existence.